More than 60% of American adults are living paycheck to paycheck. It's an uncomfortable stat, but it doesn't tell a full story.

Each state in our country has wildly different standards and costs of living. What may be a comfortable paycheck in one state may be drastically different just a few miles away.

With the struggles of inflation, the average worker is bound to feel as though they aren't making enough. Of course, there's the frustrating reality that the more money someone makes, the more they'll spend as their lifestyle changes.

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Whatever economist comes up with a solution for all of these problems will be a welcome one, but until then, most Americans will do as they always have: make do and make the best of it. Plenty of us, including me, work multiple jobs to get by in an effort to do just that.

Single folks, especially if they have kids, really have to stretch their dollars and pinch their pennies.

According to, the average single person in America needs to bring home $57,000 to comfortably get by. How does Michigan stack up to that number?

The average single person in Michigan needs to make $50,049 per year to get by. That would be $24.06 per hour on a typical full-time, 40-hour work week. Excuse me while I go ask for a raise.

In all seriousness, it does speak to the lower cost of living in Michigan, which is roughly 11% lower than the national average. Sure, we have to pay a bit more in car insurance, but our grocery and healthcare costs are actually pretty solid compared to the nation.

Check out how Michigan compares to the rest of the country in the gallery below.

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According to data from, The median salary across the U.S. a single person must make to get by collectively is $57,000. However, some states are far from that.

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