A 99-year-old Michigan woman is proving that age is just a number when it comes to living your best life and taking on new adventures. And rather than wait for her 100th birthday to celebrate living life to the fullest, Julie Miller decided to check off one adventure on her bucket list now. Taking flight in a hot air balloon 1,000 feet over Kalamazoo County.

Hot Air Ballon Ride Takes Place on Significant Date

According to MLive, Miller's hot air balloon ride was originally scheduled to take off last week. But, due to weather had to be rescheduled. The rescheduled date ended up being what would have been her 81st wedding anniversary with husband James who died 11 years ago. How's that for fate?

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This hot air balloon ride was not the first one for Julie Miller. She says that this is her third hot air balloon adventure with her 74-year-old son, Jim. The ride was originally intended to be celebrated on Miller's 100th birthday in May, but she decided not to wait. And luckily Miller was able to soar above Kalamazoo county and take in the incredible views of Michigan's fall colors.

Miller's Hot Air Balloon Adventure and Life Advice

Not only was she able to take the hot air balloon ride with her son, but her daughter Jackie was there to celebrate the adventure as well. The weather was perfect and MLive says the balloon made a soft landing in the parking lot of 58 West Apartments. After the ride, the passengers and spectators celebrated with a champagne toast. Miller says to anyone who is hesitant to take the risk and go on a hot air balloon ride to just 'Go and do it'.

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