How can we get our hands on a case?!

It's no secret Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer loves craft beer! Considering the fact Michigan's booming craft beer industry has made The Mitten a destination for beer lovers across the globe-- it'd be weird if she didn't.

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While Grand Rapids gets the prestigious title of "Beer City, USA" you won't go thirsty in Kalamazoo either!

The last time we saw Gov. Whitmer down at Bell's Brewery she was behind the bar pouring beer and talking policy with Kzoo native and Comedy Central star Jordan Klepper for a segment on The Daily Show, but what's she doing this time around?

Gov. Whitmer Bell's Kalamazoo, MI
The Daily Show via YouTube/Comedy Central

In preparation for the "Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism" WOOD-TV8 reports Gov. Whitmer and Bell's have teamed up for an ultra-limited collaboration aptly named:

The Governor’s Whitbier

I mean, with a name like 'Whitmer' you can't go around brewing IPAs or barleywine-- it's got to be a whitbier.

The popular beer-style was resurrected by Belgian brewer Pierre Celis in the 1960s, but in fact dates back hundreds of years. Typically brewed with unmalted wheat and notes of orange peel and coriander writes,

[while] it fell into relative obscurity...This style is currently enjoying a renaissance, especially in the American market. “Wit” means “white.”

Via Google Maps
Bell's Brewery- Kalamazoo, MI via Google Maps

When Can We Get a Taste?

Although Bell's Oberon Day is fast approaching I'm certainly anxious to try The Governor's Whitbier-- when can we get our hands on it?! Well, that's the bad news.

According to WOOD-TV8 there are no plans by Bell's to release the limited-edition brew. Unless you want to attend the conference, that is! According to news outlet,

Bell’s Brewery will not be selling the beer at stores or even its Eccentric Cafe – just exclusively at the conference.

So, Oberon it is!

Take a Quick Tour of Bell's Original Downtown Brewery

Gallery Credit: Meatball/TSM

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