Ever wonder what the most viewed or most like TikTok videos in Michigan are?  If so, we have them all right here.

10 Most Viewed TikToks in Michigan for 2023

#1 Selda Lulja of Detroit has the most viewed video on TikTok in Michigan for 2023.  Her small channel @seldalulja only has 16.8 thousand followers. However, her 19-second video of her dominating a duck game quacked up millions of people to the tune of 33.9 million views and 5.4 million likes.

#2 Extra Medium is a TikTok channel based out of Grand Rapids with 194.8 thousand followers under the handle @extramediummedia.  They pulled in  29.7 million views and 1.7 million likes with a simple trivia game on the street.

#3 Following a horrific ice storm in Kalamazoo, I uploaded security camera footage of a tree in my front yard splitting in half.  Unfortunately, the tree came crashing down on my neighbor's home whom I care about very much.  The good news, he and his family are ok.  The bad news, two cars, and their garage were crushed.  It was heartbreaking.  That video got 19.3 million views and 1.7 million likes.  @DanaOnAir currently has 49.6 thousand followers.

#4  One of the smallest channels has one of the most viewed videos. @tim_h_dives has 4,423 followers.  However, the video of him running down the Sleeping Bear Dunes has been viewed a whopping 18.7 million times with 1.6 million likes.

#5  This 30-second video where an MSU student asks another student "What song are you currently listening to" pulled in a crazy 14.1 million views with 1.9m likes. Their TikTok channel @visitour.me currently has 150.4 thousand followers.

#6 This 8-second video of "the fastest sandwich maker" somehow pulled in 13.2 million views and 2.2 million likes.  The @backwoodkenn channel currently has 3,761 followers.

#7 EmmaLee Sanders has an impressive 142.7 thousand followers as @emmaleesanders on TikTok.  But even more impressive is the 12.1 million views and  497.7 thousand likes she got on this 7-second video.

#8  Our Awesome World has 2.1 million followers.  They are no stranger to viral videos and their Michigan video blew up big time.  It's worth noting that this video does not look like original content.  It appears to be small videos from other people's channels edited together.  This video has been viewed 10.1 million times with 866.3k thousand likes.

#9 Mr. Rice a.k.a. @goin1836 has 1.3 million followers and went crazy viral this year with a chopstick hack.  This video has 8.3 million views and 640.4 thousand likes.


#10 Elliot went stupid viral while trying Afghan Food in his hometown of Lansing. This video has 7.2 million views and 778.7 thousand likes.  @callmebelly currently has 1.4 million followers.

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A few viral TikToks in Michigan that just barely missed the top 10 that you might find interesting include U of M.  The tear-jerker below has 6.3 million views.

The incredibly touching story of an 11-year-old who's obsessed with the U of M marching band that pulled in 5.2 million views.

And finally, the introduction of the Michigan women's water polo freshman class also pulled in 5.2 million views.

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