It seems like almost every single day on Facebook you run into yet another copy-pasta post that leads thousands of people to believe that something that is clearly meant for satire or is just straight-up fake information is actually true. The most recent of which comes from the Roseville Michigan resident group about the upcoming NFL season at Ford Field.

For those who are unaware copypasta is the act of copying and pasting fake information that applies to a certain situation, in this case, the Detroit Lions. The same post has been seen on Facebook leading to fake information about smoking laws within stadiums.
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It’s basically the equivalent of that same picture being shared Saying “This man has been stealing catalytic converters “and it’s the same guy in every single city in every single state. It’s not true, much like the most recent post shared in the group which states:
BREAKING: The Detroit Lions will allow fans to smoke cigarettes, vapes, and Delta-8 pre-rolls in the stands during games for the upcoming #NFL season. Ford Field is an open stadium and will now be the ONLY NFL venue to allow smoking within its own stands.
So in the long term, no none of this is actually true, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t doing it. One person commented they used to act pretty wild back in the day, but considering who they referenced, I’m not at all surprised:
Bro it’s Detroit, land of rebellion. I used to do cocaine in the nosebleeds of the Joe Louis at kid rock concerts in my hay days.

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