I know that financially, people who rent apartments with the hopes of eventually one day moving into a house of their own have a little bit of a struggle right now the housing market isn’t that good for buyers and rent prices are higher than they have ever been in the state of Michigan, so people everywhere are trying to do what they can to find cheap housing.

Of course, you could do what one Mid-Michigan woman did, which is secretly live in a Family Fare supermarket for over a year. That’s right, recently contractors who were doing some work on the roof of a family fair supermarket in Midland found the 34-year-old woman living in a rooftop sign of the family fair and everything from a desk to flooring and even a pantry full of food with a printer and a plant.

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She also had a full wardrobe. I guess if you’re going to live inside any store, it may as well be one that has all the accessories and necessities. But while we are on the subject, was Family Fair the best supermarket in Michigan for this woman to live at?

The "Rooftop Ninja" as she has been named no doubt has the pick of the litter when it comes to good supermarkets in Michigan. We ranked the top 10 supermarkets that you could secretly live inside of or on top of. Let us know what supermarket you would try to live in or on if you had the chance.

Here Are The 10 Best Michigan Supermarkets To Secretly Live In

We ranked the top 10 supermarkets that you could secretly live inside of or on top of.

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