Smoking is a HORRIBLE habit. It's bad for you, it's bad for those around you, and it stinks. Ask a smoker and they will tell you they know that what they're doing is horrible for their health, yet they continue the habit.

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As a recovering smoker, I can tell you that quitting is HARD! Smoking is something that has so many triggers. Finish a meal? Have a smoke! Drink a cocktail? Have a smoke! Stressed out! Have a smoke! Driving? Have a smoke!

The Cost of Being a Smoker in Michigan Goes Beyond the Cost of Cigarettes

COUGH COUGH! Annual Cost of Smoking in Michigan, Rest of the USA

According to, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Michigan is $8.27 PLUS $2.00 tax. Discounts and other price cuts brought the average cost down to around $8.50 according to WalletHub's calculations.

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Assuming the average Michigan smoker goes through a Pack a day, and using WalletHub's estimated cost, the annual cost for cigarettes is around $3,103. That's not the total cost of smoking in the Mitten State though.

COUGH COUGH! Annual Cost of Smoking in Michigan, Rest of the USA

A recent study looked at not only the cost of cigarettes but at the financial opportunities lost by not investing money spent on smoking, the health-care costs, income loss as a result of smoking, and other purchases only smokers make. WalletHub tallied all of that data to reveal the true annual monetary price for Michigan smokers.

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The Mitten state sits in the middle of the pack (pun intended) when comparing the total investment needed to be a smoker in the United States. Which state is the least expensive? Most expensive? Read on to find out.

COUGH! Countdown to the Most Expensive US State to Be a Smoker

How much money does it cost to be a smoker? Beyond the out-of-pocket expenses for a pack of smokes, what other financial factors come into play? How much could be saved annually instead of buying cigarettes? What are the annual health-care costs and how much income is lost as a result of smoking? Using data compiled by the financial gurus at WalletHub, let's Countdown to the Most Expensive State to Be a Smoker in the USA

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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