The Detroit Lions have gained national attention, along with head coach Dan Campbell, for showing the world what Michigan's "Grit" really is. Although, the team as we know it today, once looked A LOT different.

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When the Portsmouth, Ohio Spartans were purchased in 1934, and renamed the Detroit Lions, the decision was made to make the team colors what they are today, silver and what would become known as Honolulu Blue. That color scheme would take a brief hiatus, thanks to a new head coach, who'd experienced success in the college ranks at Indiana.

When the Detroit Lions Left Silver and Honolulu Blue Behind

Do You Remember When Michigan's Detroit Lions Jerseys Were Red?
Scott Sillcox via YouTube / Canva

In 1948, Alvin 'Bo' McMillen was brought in as the Lions' new head coach and he almost immediately made a change to the team's uniforms. Perhaps trying to capitalize on the success he'd experienced in Hoosier Country, he opted to change the jersey colors to red and white.

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This was not a popular decision with the fanbase as the Detroit Lions still retained silver and Honolulu Blue as their official colors, only changing the uniform. That wasn't the only uniform change under McMillen's leadership either.

Do You Remember When Michigan's Detroit Lions Jerseys Were Red?
Scott Sillcox via YouTube / Canva

The shortlived Lions coach would also add an all-black look into the rotation, something he had done in Indiana for games he really wanted to win. Ultimately, the jersey scheme and leadership matchup didn't work out and the team would go back to using their original colors for home games in 1949 and all silver and Honolulu Blue in 1950, which would also be McMillen's last year with the Lions.

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Don't rule out seeing the red jerseys come back at some point, even if it is just to sell a slew of throwbacks.

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