I have been keeping an eye on the construction of this new playground, as I'm sure many parents and Lansing residents have, and I'm so excited that it's finally open to the public!

A New Playground Has Opened in Lansing

This new playground is called, PlayMichigan! And what makes this playground so cool is that it's a universally accessible one.

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That means that anyone with any kind of physical limitation or capability will be able to play on this playground.

The Community Foundation’s designers have far exceeded ADA requirements in order to create a completely barrier-free environment where all children and adults, regardless of ability, can play side-by-side throughout the entire park. Children with sensory disabilities or developmental disabilities will have lots to explore as well. The playground-park will maximize inclusivity and normalize differences, while promoting the healthy development of all children for generations to come.

That's children, parents, and grandparents alike.

Here's a look at some of the cool equipment in the playground.

Where is Lansing's New Universally Accessible Playground?

If you want to play on this new playground, you can find it at 500 N Grand Ave, Lansing. That's adjacent to Adado Riverfront Park.

In addition to all the neat park equipment, there's also a small boardwalk and overlook to check out the river.

I love that Lansing has a park like this that allows everyone the opportunity to play, and I can't wait to take my own little one there! You can check out more info about the park HERE.

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