At one point, Flint was the 2nd-largest city in Michigan.

In the 1960 U.S. census, Flint's population was 196,940 - second only to Detroit, with nearly 20,000 more people calling Flint home than Grand Rapids.

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Today, fewer than 80,000 residents remain in Flint - and the city isn't even among the ten biggest in Michigan.

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At its high point, Flint boasted four large public high schools: Flint Central, Northern, Northwestern, and Southwestern. Today, the only one still in operation is the former Flint Southwestern High School - now called Southwestern Classical Academy.

Photo via Al Garcia
Photo via Al Garcia

What Happened to Flint Central High School?

Flint Central was the first high school in the city, established in 1875. In 1923, it moved into a new building on Crapo Street, where it remained until closing in 2009.

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Flint Central High School is one of many former school buildings in the city that have been long been abandoned.

Some, such as Washington Elementary and Homedale Elementary, burned to the ground due to arson. Several others - including Clark, Cody and Pierson Elementary Schools - have been demolished.

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Even though classes are no longer held there and the hallways are no longer bustling with students and faculty, Flint Central High School holds a special place in the hearts of many alumni. Hundreds even turn out to the grounds for a barbecue reunion of sorts on campus grounds every summer to remember the "good old days".

Take a look at what remains of the old Flint Central High School.

Inside Michigan's Abandoned Flint Central High School

Flint Central High School closed its doors in 2009, and the campus has been abandoned ever since. Here's a look inside the school as it appears today.

Gallery Credit: jrwitl

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