As a Michigander, I often find myself complaining about the terrible drivers that I'm surrounded by.

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I know I can't be the only one...People going the wrong way down one-way streets; going slow in the fast lane; and plenty more examples. However, this latest incident hits a little bit differently...

...I actually witnessed someone use their turn signal. Properly! And this is an open letter to that person.

An Open Letter to the Driver I Saw Actually Use Their Turn Signal

Dear Driver,

I'm not sure if you know this, but you actually made my day yesterday.

We were both headed eastbound on a multi-lane street with me in the left lane and you in the right lane. Now, typically I'm prepared to slam on my breaks at any given moment so when drivers decide they need to get over now, we don't get into an accident. However, you surprised me (in a good way) when you indicated to me that you wanted to get into my lane by using your turn signal.

Too often drivers forget that their vehicles come equipped with this little lever right next to the steering wheel that makes the lights on their car blink in the direction they'd like to go. But not you! You not only used your turn signal, but you did it with enough forethought to allow me to make room for you in the left lane.

It might seem small, but it was a massive deal for me and made my day all the better.

Thank you, conscience driver!

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