As Michiganders, we all know how beautiful the state of Michigan is firsthand. Now, it's official and everybody knows it, because Michigan was dubbed one of the 'most beautiful states in America'.

The Most Beautiful States in America

This isn't just me making a proclamation, this comes all the way from Thrillist.

Thrillist knows that America is chock full of amazing and breathtaking sights. And the coolest part is that they differ from state to state.

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Some states offer bountiful fresh-water lakes while other border the salty oceans. Some states have dense forests with trees centuries old while others have desserts dotted with cacti. What's truly amazing is that each state offers it's own kind of beauty.

The differences in beauty might make it hard to rank, however, Thrillist found a way to do it. They looked at all 50 states and determined where each one fell in the ranking.

Michigan Named One of the Most Beautiful States in America

I'm happy to report that Michigan ended up ranking in the top 10. The Mitten State is number 8 to be exact! The only states that beat it out were Oregon (7), Washington (6), Colorado (5), Utah (4), Alaska (3), Hawaii, (2), California (1).

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Thrillist points to our spectacular lakes—the Great Lakes and the over 11,000 inland lakes—as one of the reasons Michigan is so wonderful. They're not wrong... just look at the crystal-clear waters of Kitch-iti-kipi...

TAPP Channel/YouTube
TAPP Channel/YouTube

But let's not forget about the stunning wonder that is the Mighty Mac.

Mackinac Bridge
Halil Mustafic

Or the historic and gorgeous Pictured Rocks.

Battleship Rocks

In the end, what really matters is that Michigan beat out Ohio, I think we can all agree on that. Check out the full list HERE.

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