"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

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That phrase is downright famous. People who've never even been to Vegas know, and have probably uttered, that phrase before. But as it turns out, we might need to change the phrase to something a bit more "Pure Michigan", if you know what I mean.

America's Wildest Cities

Online Betting Guide (olbg.com) brands itself as 'The Most Knowledgeable Sports Betting Community in the World', and it recently took a look at America's wildest cities. They wanted to know who was having the craziest time, and where.

To come up with their top 10 list of wildest cities across America, OLBG looked at multiple factors, including;

  • Adults who binge drink/drink heavily
  • People who have consumed marijuana
  • People who have taken cocaine
  • Casinos per 100,000 residents
  • Number of strip clubs

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, only came in at number four. Also surprising was that Reno, Nevada came in at number one, and Portland, Oregon held down the number two spot.

But most surprising of all was the Michigan city that ranked number three out of the ten wildest cities in America, and that's Traverse City.

Traverse City Michigan Ranks Top Three of Wildest Cities in America

You read that correctly; the city known for its tart cherries and picturesque, waterfront homes is the third wildest city in America. Let's take a look at the stats, shall we?

  • Adults who binge drink/drink heavily - 23%
  • People who have consumed marijuana - 65.8%
  • People who have taken cocaine - 23.8%
  • Casinos per 100,000 residents - 0
  • Number of strip clubs - 2

Even though there's no casino and the strip club options are limited to two establishments, it's the other factors that really pack a punch. At 23.8%, Traverse City has the highest number of people who have taken cocaine out of the entire list of 10, kind of making it the "cocaine capital" of the US.

Top 10 Wildest Cities in America

Traverse City isn't the only city to make the list. Grand Rapids rounds out the list at number 10. If you want to see the other cities that make up the rest of the 'wildest cities' list, click HERE.

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