Now hear this, Michigan ranks in the top 10 of loudest talking states in America.

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The Great Lakes State does not come in at number one, but does make the list nonetheless.

In order to determine the loudest states in America, Preply surveyed people in every state to determine how many people talk in public with their phone on speaker, and how many people chew loudly in public. Clearly, this is not the most scientific study, but nonetheless interesting.

So where exactly does Michigan rank on the list of loudest-talking states? See for yourself on the top 10 list below.

Michigan Ranks High On List Of Loudest Talking States

Gallery Credit: TSM Lab

So there you have it, Michigan comes in at number six on the list of loudest-talking states in America. In case you are wondering which state is the quietest, the answer is West Virginia.

Although Michigan does land in the top 10 of loudest states, Detroit ranks at number seven on a list of the quietest cities in the United States.


So what have we learned from this? A lot of Michigan residents talk in public with their phones on speaker and chew loudly in public - perhaps at the same time.

If this describes you, please stop.

Be aware of your surroundings, not everyone wants to hear your business and trust me, no one wants to hear you chewing loudly.

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