A missing three-year-old child is home safe in West Michigan after a police dog with the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office found the boy earlier this week.

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The 3-year-old boy had disappeared from his residence in Geneva Township after climbing out of a window. The boy then walked off into the nearby woods.

According to People, Deputy Eric Calhoun and his police dog, Kuno, were among those who responded to the scene about 30 minutes after the child was last seen. After finding the child's footprint, Kuno jumped into action and managed to track down the boy.

Had Kuno not found the boy as quickly as he did, things could have turned out quite differently, as the boy was standing only 50 yards away from a pond.

The boy was found in tears, screaming for his mother and only wearing a diaper.

This was the K-9 unit's fifth child found since Deputy Calhoun and Kuno teamed up in 2017. According to WDIV, Calhoun’s goal “is to have the number one dog in the state of Michigan, if not the nation."

I'm not sure what the record is for K-9 unit missing children finds, but I'm guessing these two are well on their way of achieving those goals. The whole thing is nothing short of amazing.

Body cameras caught the moment the boy was found and as you can imagine, it was an emotional moment.

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