Faygo was started up in 1907 and has been a Detroit and Michigan favorite ever since. It's no surprise because the flavors are so rich... unlike any other pop or soda around.

Recently, they even partnered with Detroit Chocolate Company for a limited edition Faygo-infused chocolate line.

Is there a boozy Faygo drink?

Somehow, we still don't have a Faygo flavored line of White Claw, High Noon, Truly, Drizly or Nutrl. It seems like a no-brainer to try making them. Am I wrong?

Red Pop has long been Faygo's most popular flavor. Think about how good that would be as a White Claw instead of the current strawberry? Or how unique would a Rock'n'Rye flavor be instead of black cherry -- especially in Michigan?

Imagine how good a Grape, Fruit Punch or Blue Raspberry seltzer would be. You could stuff a bunch in the cooler while you're Up North on the lake. Most Faygo flavors would beat what's available right now, IMO.

Would there be many calories in a boozy Faygo seltzer?

Depending on the flavor, and bottle or can size, most Faygo pops have between 100-260 calories. That's not how many would be in a boozy seltzer using their flavors, though. You wouldn't put a whole can's worth into the adult beverage version.

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It seems like this is an idea worth exploring. Michiganders would gladly reach for a Faygo flavored seltzer at any bar, restaurant or party.

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Considering a rapper from Washington state made a song about Blueberry Faygo, you know it would get some love. (Video here. Be warned of foul language) That alone would make it worth their research & development time.

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