Ugh! Hospitals

No one wants to go to a hospital. However, there are amazing women and men that have been trained to take care of us.

Every year, U.S. News compiles the list of the best hospitals in the country, by state, and metro area.

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With this year's ranking, do you agree that these are the top hospitals in the state?


West Michigan Hospitals

There are three West Michigan hospitals that are within the top 20 of the hospitals in the entire country.

Spectrum Health-Butterworth and Blodgett Campuses

Bronson Methodist Hospital

Ascension Borgess Hospital

While I have not been to the two in Kalamazoo, I have a bone to pick with Spectrum Health-Butterworth.

Earlier this year, I went to Spectrum Health-Butterworth because I literally could not speak and was in a lot of pain. I ended up going to this specific hospital three times within a two-week span.

However, every time I would tell that exactly what was wrong with me and that I felt like my lymph nodes were inflamed, they told me that was not true.

When I went to the actual Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, they immediately told me that I was right and treated my symptoms.

Now, I am not saying to not go to Spectrum Health-Butterworth, you can do as you please.

Courtesy of Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Courtesy of Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Michigan Hospitals Ranking

Do you agree with this ranking?

  1. University of Michigan Health - Ann Arbor
  2. Beaumont Hospital - Royal Oak
  3. Beaumont Hospital - Troy
  4. Trinity Health Ann Arbor Hospital
  5. Henry Ford Hospital & Spectrum Health - Butterworth and Blodgett Campuses
  6. Munson Medical Center
  7. Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe
  8. Bronson Methodist Hospital
  9. Ascension Genesys Hospital
  10. Ascension Providence Hospital - Southfield
  11. Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn
  12. Beaumont Hospital - Trenton
  13. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
  14. Ascension Borgess Hospital

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