Graduation has been a lot different for schools across the country, but for Michigan Center High School got even more creative, hosting a ceremony at Michigan International Speedway!

MLive said it best when they reported on the festivities, "graduates cross the finish line, instead of the stage to get diplomas."

Because of COVID-19, not only were students' school years cut to a close a bit earlier, but that meant the "traditional" graduation ceremonies we all know also would not be happening for the class of 2020.

That's why Michigan Center Superintendent Brady Cook said they wanted to do something special for the seniors and when presented with the opportunity for a graduation at MIS, it was perfect.

As far as the "ceremony" goes, a pace car led graduates,who were driving their own vehicles in their caps and gowns, around the track to the "typical" graduation march song "Pomp and Circumstance."

After the first lap, the students were given their diplomas and a rose as they stopped on the second lap.

For the "white flag" AKA the last lap, seniors waved from their vehicles as they waved with Michigan Center High School's fight song playing.

“If ever there was a group to do something big, and go big it was this group," Cook told MLive.

While it is awesome they did this and something these graduates will remember for the rest of their lives, now kids everywhere are going to hope for a pandemic so they can do something like this too!

Just kidding...

But honestly, though, I thought my high school was cool because we had prom up in the Victor's Suite at MIS one year but Michigan Center High School sure has that one beat!

Congratulations to the class of 2020 and to the Michigan Center grads, this year was a mere pit stop in the big, long, race of life and when things don't seem to go "right" just remember, you often win by going left (in racing at least).

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