My boyfriend and I were just talking the other day about how much I love hot air balloons despite never being in one.

They are just so fascinating from how they work to how cool they look in the sky but I think most of that fascination comes from my days as a kid, growing up in Jackson and going to the annual Hot Air Jubilee.

What Is The Jackson Hot Air Jubilee?

Well, according to their "about" page on their website, it all started in 1983 when some Jackson-area hot air balloon enthusiasts got together and dreamed up the family-friendly event for the community. From there it has absolutely grown over the years to become a spectacle so many look forward to.

Of course, the balloons are the main point and there is no shortage of those. "25-30 Balloons come in from around the country to participate in the friendly rivalry of the contests," the Jackson Hot Air Jubilee website states.

However, the event also features vendors, craft booths, "kids kingdom", and an auto show!

What Is Special About This Year's

Like many events in 2020, the Hot Air Jubilee had to be cancelled. I know I was extremely sad about it as it was my first summer living back in my hometown and I was so looking forward to reliving those childhood memories.

According to WILX, this year's event will mark the 39th "outing" of this community favorite event.

“Everybody has had a difficult year these last 15 months have been hard on everybody," Jackson Hot Air Jubilee Board member, Angela Madden, told WILX. "We as a volunteer org we as pilots just want to do something to help lift everybody’s spirits.”

A handful of years ago, the Jubilee also moved locations from the Jackson County Airport to Ella Sharp Park. If you are like me and have not been since the move, it's an opportunity to have a brand new experience.

Mark Your Calendars

WILX reports that 28 ballooning pilots will be taking to the skies as the event takes place July 23rd through the 25th.

Of course, organizers are planning for the event to be in-person but do have virtual backup plans in place if things change.

One of my favorite things about this event is how they still make something happen with the event no matter the weather or other circumstances. I've been to plenty of "night glows" when the wind is too much for the balloons to go up in the air.

This year's event will be free to attend and you can CLICK HERE to follow updates from the Hot Air Jubilee as we lead up to the event.

I know I am absolutely looking forward to all the fun to be had this summer in Jackson and the Hot Air Jubilee is definitely at the top of that list.

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