I didn't hear much about it but back on June 28th some daredevil flew their plane underneath the Mackinac Bridge. No doubt, trying to impress someone after saying "hold my beer." Well, the long arm of the law is reaching out for this terrorist and they are asking for your help to spread the word. Did you get a picture or video and want to share it with the coppers? Coast Guard video did but it's all grainy like a 70's snuggle film. It happened just before 3 pm in broad daylight so someone may have a really nice picture that could help police LOCK EM UP! Click here to see a more professionally written story. 

This was the 4th of July weekend, so there were a lot of eyes out there. Maybe a video law enforcement hasn't seen yet? The funny thing is, there is REALLY no law against flying under the bridge. The law of dumb assery doesn't apply. There is a law saying you can't fly within 500 feet of a person or structure. Either way, this jackass is looking at a 28 grand fine max. Maybe some pictures of them in cuffs and a lawyer written social media apology?

It is quite dangerous and shouldn't be attempted no matter how attractive the person you are trying to impress is.

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