Have you ever even seen a hole in one watching golf on tv? It's pretty rare.

Then, have you ever been in a group where someone hit a hole in one? Even more rare.

Finally, have you even hit a hole in one? I think we have all come close.

Can you imagine playing a round with your dad and hitting a hole in one? It sounds like a plot to a Disney movie. I have shared some moments with my dad but this one is really special.

Saturday, Darrell and Josh Wiles were golfing up at Bucks Run in Mt. Pleasant. Josh took out his 7 iron on the 14th hole. From 149 yards he stuck it for his first ever ace. With his dad there to see it. His dad had never had one. Plus, a person in their group had never seen one live either. It was a very special moment but having your dad there to see it had to be like winning the a championship.

Courtesy of Darrell Wiles
Courtesy of Darrell Wiles

I golfed in a league with these guys a few years ago. I also had Josh in my group with Tico Duckett at the Drew Stanton High Five Foundation Charity Outing. I could have told you he would get a hole in one, I just never thought he would beat his dad to it!

These guys have the father son relationship most guys dream of. Father and son.

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