Whatever happened that night in 1967, one thing is certain; The Who had one hell of a birthday celebration for Keith Moon after a concert at Flint's Atwood Stadium.

In 1972, Keith Moon told Rolling Stone Magazine that he jumped into a random Lincoln Continental that night, super drunk, removed the handbrake, and the car rolled into the Holiday Inn pool. Other stories have said it was Moon's own Rolls-Royce. A Flint radio personality said it is absolutely true...Moon drowned a Cadillac into the very motel's pool. Groupies and fans will claim that because of the incident the band was banned from all Holiday Inns in Michigan.

I have even heard a story from a fan who claimed to be in attendance that Moon simply dove head first into an empty swimming pool.

Nmerous rock journalists and fellow musicians will claim that none of it is true. Yes, there was a party. Yes, it was in Flint. Yes, it was Moon's 21st birthday. But, a story published at mlive.com today cites a story from the UK's Western Morning News in which Barry Whitwam of Herman's Hermits says it was one hell of a party, but no cars were submerged.

As explained from Whitwam's viewpoint, there were around 200 birthday cakes in the dining area at the Holiday Inn sent by fans. Since nobody knew what might have been actually in those cakes, nobody was able to eat them and a giant food fight ensued. When authorities were called, Moon was not fully clothed. To prevent from him being sent to jail, he was ushered out of a back door to the parking lot. There, Moon tripped on the pavement, did a header, and knocked out his front teeth.

This story is backed up by music writer Tony Fletcher in his book "Moon: The Life and Death of a Rock Legend". In it Fletcher claims that Moon was so drunk, anesthesia could not be given to him for the oral surgery. Moon's screams of agony were too much for The Who bassist John Entwistle and Karl Green from Herman's Hermits to take...they had to leave the dentist's office.

Whichever report you believe, one thing is certain. This legend will continue to live in Rock 'n' Roll folklore.