How's that song go? "11 Herbs and Spices roasting on an open fire..."

It's that time of year fast food joints try to get even more money out of you by bringing you products other than their food for you to give anyone on your list!

Arby's has the fried turkey hats, Qdoba has a candle for anyone obsessed with their queso and now KFC is hopping on the bandwagon for those people on your list that just a simple gift card is not enough.

I am the type of person who would absolutely love to get a weird fast-food-themed gift! To be completely honest, I am hopelessly addicted to Qdoba and would probably do plenty of questionable things for a queso candle.

I also understand that as much as I love Qdoba there are plenty of people out there who may have similar feelings about other places like KFC.

You know how Yule Logs really...well I'm not sure what they do but, according to Trendhunter, KFC has brought back their own version just in time for the holidays!

Yes, just go to your local Walmart and pick yourself up the "KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog" so your holiday fire can crackle and glow with the sweet aroma of Colonel Sanders' chicken.

What if the KFC-lover on your list isn't interested in a firelog? Are they interested in makeup?

Weird transition, I know, but in the past KFC also put out a line of chicken-flavored/scented products.

Trendhunter reports there were edible nail polish products, bath salts, lotions and even chicken flavored lipsticks inspired by hot wings. The lipstick was called "Bucket Red No. 11" and was released just this year.

Unlike the firelogs which can be purchased at Walmart, they say "Just 400 of the special KFC lipsticks are being made available to members of the KFC's Colonel Club for a limited time." However, we are sure you could find some out there on the internet...Your loved ones are worth it, right?

Not interested in fod-themed products? Why not just recreate the food you love yourself! Here are some "copycat" recipes your friends and family are sure to enjoy:

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