I always loved garage sales. My oldest garage sale memory is from 1982. I was about 8 years old and with my mom. I walked up to a milk crate of records in the 10 cent bin. As I was flipping through them, I cam across "Destroyer." It stopped me in my tracks. These dudes wearing makeup on a pile of rubble. It caught my attention.

Courtesy of artist Ken Kelly and Casablanca Records

I immediately wanted the album. "Mom, can I get this, it's only 10 cents!"

"NO! K-I-S-S stands for Knights in Satans Service!"

I became a Kiss fan that day. Although, I couldn't get the record then, later I bought the cassette tape. Kiss became my first favorite band thanks to the artwork of "Destroyer."

I loved Detroit Rock City, Shout it out Loud and Beth. I read a few years ago, Gene and Paul were very unhappy about drummer Peter Criss singing Beth. They became disruptive in the studio and were actually asked to leave by the producer.

Beth was actually the B side to Detroit Rock City before a Canadian DJ started playing Beth. Casablanca records then reissued the single with Beth as the A side and Detroit Rock City the B side.

Destroyer turns 40 years old today! Cheers to KISS! Read more about Destroyer here.