Kiss rocked a gig for Airbnb in Australia on Monday. They had to cancel their entire Australian tour because the Starchild has a throat infection. All jokes aside, get well, Paul!

So, Kiss finds themselves playing a gig on a boat surrounded by all this electricity and SHARKS? I seriously doubt those sharks were swimming in that shallow water?

Sound of the concert was blasted into the surrounding waters, where the low frequencies of the rocking music attracted some sharks. The concert attendees were in a glass-bottom boat that allowed them to watch the sharks gather.

After the show, Simmons said the experience was "incredible." He added, "It's the thrill of a lifetime…You’re on a boat, on seven-inch platform heels, trying to sing your heart out and pumping it good into the water."

Kiss kicks off their Japan tour on December 8th... If Paul is ok. Click here for all the info.




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