You might say that Aaron Aikman of Lansing has a thing for cars. More specifically, customizing cars to recreate rides from beloved television shows from the past, including the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, the Ghostbusters Hearse and now, KITT.

When asked by the Lansing State Journal, "Why?", Aikman replied, "Because it's a lifelong dream...and I made it come true."

KITT was the talking car from the 19802 Knight Rider TV series, which was a captivating car for the times. Aikman restored his Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as 'KITT', which joins his impressive collection of vehicles, which you can often see cruising around Greater Lansing.

We had mentioned the Ghostbusters Hearse on the air last year, which prompted Aikman to contact us - and then he brought it to the WMMQ birthday party last summer! Check out those pics here.

You can see KITT in person tonight at the Olympic Broil in Lansing (1320 N Grand River Ave)!


All photos courtesy Aaron Aikman