There are tales of ghosts on the high seas…sailors who went down with their ships and lie in Davy Jones’ Locker. Shipwrecks, pirates, WW2 bombings…whatever the reasons, there are plenty of rumored hauntings found on every one of our planet’s oceans and seas.

Not to be outdone, there are some inland lakes that are said to be haunted too…..a good handful of ‘em here in Michigan.

One such lake is Lake Solitude in Iosco County’s Baldwin Township.

It’s a somewhat unsettling little lake, with no houses or boats around. It’s stuck in a swampy area with seemingly only one tiny dirt road that heads back to it, and it’s gated so you can’t get through.

So what’s haunting this lake? Local residents say they’ve seen the apparitions of sailors along the shoreline. Either that, or they’re just repeating an old urban legend that has been circulating for hundreds of years.

These ghostly sailors are said to be crew members of the ship Le Griffon, that went missing in 1679. The ship sank near this lake, which at the time was connected to Lake Huron. Looking at the satellite map, you can see that it appears to have all been covered by water at one time.

Le Griffon was a fur trade ship and sank somewhere near the shoreline…if that’s true, how come the boat or its cargo have never been found? This has been a mystery for centuries.

The paranormal sightings and occurrences are few and far between, but the legend still carries a lot of weight. Take a look at some pictures below and see if this is someplace you actually want to visit...



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