Axe throwing has been an activity people participate in since the viking days...I assume...however, now they have found a way for you to actually make a night of it!

Recently we shared with you the ever-growing popularity of "Rage Rooms" and with that, I got thinking about other ways to blow off steam that involve weapons.

Gone are the days of just doing it out in the woods or in your backyard, now you can get the gang together and throw some axes while knocking back some cocktails.

Basically, it's like the age-old classic of playing darts at the bar but with bigger, sharper tools that could kill you almost instantly if you mess up.

More and more axe-throwing businesses are opening up and it sounds like the perfect way to blow off some steam and maybe realize you are pretty darn good at something pretty bad-axe (see what I did there *wink wink*).

You could be the next Jason Momoa and not even know it until you try! Ladies love Momoa.

By sharpening your axe-throwing skills at one of these establishments, your gal could have a mini-momoa and mimosas! "Momoa and Mimosas" sounds like it could be his next hit film...calling dibs on that one now!

Anyway, there are plenty of places to go throw the ol' battle axe around (safely) here in Michigan and you don't have to go too far east (Detroit-area) or west (Grand Rapids area) to find some!

There are two, count 'em, TWO right here in the Lansing area and one in Downtown Jackson!

Here is what they are called and where to find them (COVID-19 restrictions may effect hours and/or operations):

Lansing-Area Axe Throwing

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With axe-throwing being an indoor activity it makes it the perfect activity all year-round, here are some other activities to save for a rainy day:

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