Last summer I rented kayaks a couple of times at River Town Adventures in front of the Lansing City Market, which was a new business started last year by Lansing native/Eastern High School grads Paul Brogan and Nathan Williams.

This year, they're back and they just opened a new gift shop in the Lansing City Market called Capitol Loop Gifts, where they carry some really cool Michigan-themed products (shhhh - don't tell, but I'm giving my niece a Michigan shaped cookie cutter as part of her wedding shower gift. Yes, it includes the UP). They also carry Lansing-themed shirts from Jive One Seven.

My Honey and I did the "Power of the Grand" tour the other night, where we got dropped at Moores River Park and ended up at the City Market - loved it! Saw some turtles hanging out, plenty of fish breaking the surface and my favorite, which was a mother duck with tiny babies in tow, speeding away as we got near. The littlest ducklings, who were trailing behind at first, started moving their wings so fast it looked like a cartoon - hilarious. And SO beautiful to see something like that in person instead of on a screen.

WMMQ is going to give away $50 River Town Adventure gift certificates  next week - listen for your chance to score from Joey and me!