We asked all of you to share your stories about your ancestors or family members and the responses were incredible to say the least!

Ranging from funny to downright fascinating, these stories show just how small the world is when we all come together to share our history.

Many people shared stories of their military family history, one of which was shot down by the Red Baron, stories of encounters with the Purple Gang, and stories we are sure are ones that span generations.

Here are some of the many responses (in no particular order) and if you just can't get enough click here to see them all!


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    Todd Fleet shared his grandfather had a major role on the Titanic, spotting the iceberg that eventually sunk the "unsinkable" ship which then became a movie where Jack could have absolutely fit on that door with Rose...don't fight us on this.

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    The First Thanksgiving

    Nancy Ray said "My 8th great grandfather was William Bradford who sat at the original thanksgiving dinner. He is also 8th great to sally field as shown on the finding my roots show on pbs."

    The first Thanksgiving and relations to Sally Field? Legendary.

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    Dewey Decimal

    Evan Dewey shared why libraries have his lineage to thank for the way they organize books!

    "My great ancestor Melvil Dewey was the inventor of the Dewey Decimal system of library classification."

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    A BOAT-load of History

    Perry Leller said his great grandfather "invented the world's first motorized personal water craft, even patented it (in the 1960s)" and shared a photo of he and his dad taking one for a spin.

    Perry Leller
    Perry Leller
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    Al Capone At Michigan Park

    Don Corlito shared his family had information about a small Michigan park being a stop for a big time mob boss.

    "My Father's Grandfather worked for Herb McCourtie, at what is now A park in Somerset Center, S jackson rd and US 12, during the depression era and a few years after that. Rumors of Al Capone and other business men of the time, would stop there during trips between Detroit and Chicago. Apparently Great Grand pop met or at least was around at the time of several visits of the travelers."

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