Last week, we asked what our listeners will be doing once things get back to "normal" and we got lots of great responses!

I know for me, the first thing(s) I will be doing is visiting my grandparents, hugging everyone and getting my nails done.

A lot of others had the same idea!

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Here are some of the most common ones we got and some of the more unique ones thrown in.

  • 1

    Spending Time With Loved Ones

    Social distancing and the "stay home" order has really made it hard to visit loved ones who don't live with you. Many listeners are looking forward to being able to do that and not worry.

    Pd Punket, for example, said she can't wait to see her one-month-old granddaughter.

  • 2


    As a hugger myself, we affectionate people are struggling! I, and many other listeners, share the same sentiment. Let's just hope all our non-hugging coworkers and friends are ready to humor us and accept it!

  • 3


    Having all of this free time has given people plenty of time to plan their next vacations. For some, it could just be a day trip to a popular Michigan destination, for others a major vacation and for Ron Haines, it's anywhere but "Puerto Backyarda and Los Livingroom."

  • 4

    General Return To Normalcy

    Many of us just can't wait to get back to doing the things we love. Some activities mentioned were going to breweries, watching the kiddos play sports, going racing, and shopping.

  • 5

    Adjusting To A "New Normal"

    While we can look forward to things that made up our daily lives again, we know that our current state of events will have effects that last forever.

    This has proven we need to better prepare for situations like this across the board.

    On a positive note, this hopefully will change how we value the people and the world around us. Maybe we can adjust to being more kind, more vigilant in supporting local businesses and anything else we may have found to be an "unexpected bright-side" to all of this.

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