How often do you shop at the mall? Malls around the United States are suffering. Has online shopping destroyed the mall scene? I'm not certain but I have a feeling that has something to do with malls in the U.S. closing. I also think that a mall needs to have something more than shopping. I want my mall to be a destination. Not just for shopping but for entertainment value. The Lansing Mall needs some traffic to survive.

When I was growing up in the '80s the mall was the place to go. I used to love going to the mall with my pals. Going to the food court and trying to flirt with girls at that awkward age was a learning experience, no question. Walking around the mall was fun too.

Fast forward to now, I like being able to go to the mall and shop. Being able to put my hands on a product is important to me. Certainly, when it comes to clothes, I'm going to the mall to get my clothing, I want to be able to try it on.

Over this past holiday season, it was nice to see people shopping in the mall. Folks carrying their parcels with glowing smiles on their faces. It reminded me of being a kid and it was a fun trip in the way back machine. I recently went to the mall and was happy to see that it was pretty busy.

Why We Still Need Malls

JC Penney at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

For people like me, malls are necessary.

I don't do much online shopping. Trying on clothes is important to me, I can't just guess and hope it fits if I online shop. Going to the mall also gives you the opportunity to look at other, similar products that might be a better choice than the few I see online. I can do that at the Lansing Mall.

Can You Save the Lansing Mall?


If you like going to the mall, there are things that you can do to save the Lansing Mall. Less online shopping and more in-person shopping at the mall will help the mall survive. Is it laziness that tempts you to shop online? Truth be told, crowds aren't an issue at the Lansing Mall. Stop by the food court for a bite to eat.

How to Save the Lansing Mall

Set of 5 superhero banners. No transparency and gradients used.

There are two parties involved here. The Lansing Mall and the consumer. As consumers, we can do a better job of shopping at the mall.

The Lansing Mall needs to step it up. Rip a page out of the Meridian Mall playbook and offer entertainment options at the mall along with a killer food court and better stores. There are TWO restaurants in the Lansing Mall Food Court. I'm better off going to Eastwood Towne Center which has multiple dining options.

Beckon better proprietors for stores, add more and better dining options in the food court (bring back Houlihans). Create multiple venues for family fun. Take a chance and see what happens.

Michigan's First Enclosed Mall

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