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The Lansing State Journal reports that 31 year old Michael King of Lansing waived his preliminary hearing yesterday, so he'll face trial on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. King is accused of wielding samurai-style swords – one in each hand - at paramedics responding to a call at a house in the 1500 block of MLK in Lansing one early Tuesday morning last month.

King was apparently upset because he felt the EMS crew took too long getting there to treat his friend, who was having a seizure. The friend having the episode, Eric Maupin, says that King wasn't menacing the paramedics, he was just moving the swords out of their way...though Maupin does admit that he'd been drinking heavily that night and was mostly unconscious during the festivities.

But wait, there's more! Tommy King, Michael King's cousin, copped a guilty plea yesterday to a misdemeanor weapons charge for using brass knuckles during the same incident. And these are just the things we're hearing - I wonder what other fun details are being left out of this story?