YouTube Courtesy Photo David Marvin
YouTube Courtesy Photo David Marvin


Mike Karl of Greater Lansing lived on the streets of Lansing not so long ago. Karl was employed at General Motors at the time, still is, but sometimes your life can get rolling out of control to a point that is overwhelming. And you end up living in your car, even while working a good job.

Once he got back his life back in order and found a place to live, Karl was able to start giving back, helping others who have found themselves without a home.

Karl is the founder of Cardboard Prophets, a street based non-profit organization that comes up with creative ways to get our community involved in feeding, housing and helping the homeless in Greater Lansing and beyond. Karl also believes that by telling the stories of those on the streets, where they came from and how they got there. Telling the personal stories helps foster greater understanding of how there are a lot of people just a paycheck away from losing their home.

This Sunday, there will be a "Picnic in the Park" for Mother's Day. The event will feature a praise service, followed by distribution of 'Pretty Purses' filled with small gifts for the mothers. A meal will be offered afterwards to all who are in need.

Set-up Sunday starts at 1:00 PM, service will be at 2:00 PM in Reutter Park, 400 S. Capitol, Lansing - the park at Kalamazoo and Capitol with the beautiful fountain in the middle of it.

If you'd like to donate to Sunday's event, or to future Cardboard Prophets efforts to create better outcomes for those in need in our community, you can do so here via their Facebook page.

Thanks to Paul Mitchell School students and Cooley Law Students for their work in collecting gifts for the Moms for this event.

Also, Mason Community Church is bringing blessing bags for people.

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