Photographer Jena McShane of Lansing headed out the Plains states this past Sunday to chase the storms that were expected to hit Kansas and surrounding areas, which she's apparently done before, though I'm not sure she's had such dramatic results in past pursuits of capturing the storms.

Here's what Jena posted on Facebook about the picture above of the man coming out of the storm shelter:

Certain passions can be cool to some and stupid to others. I love storms because they feed my soul. But don't get me wrong, I'm also terrified of them. The people I chase with know the path of the tornado and even though we get close, we are also at a safe distance to get out of there if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes you witness the aftermath and that's something I never wanted to see. Yesterday, we drove up to a demolished modular home. The first thought that went through my mind was "omg please let them be alive." Thankfully, the husband and wife (and two pups) made it to their storm shelter and survived. We helped them get out of there and made sure they were taken someplace safe. I haven't fully processed what I witnessed - I'm so fucking thankful they are ok. Even the stray dog who lives in their shed made it. He was roaming around the field looking for his home. I wish I could have taken him with me!!! Anyway, it's not all fun and games sometimes. Just glad we were there to help them. 💗

P.s. They said it was ok to take pics. They needed them for insurance purposes. This is him coming out of the storm shelter.


McShane, a WMMQ listener (you recently heard her WMMQ 'Perfect Album Side' picks), gave me permission to share these stunning pictures with you. Obviously, she's a pro (who must cringe at my always blurry pics), who also takes pictures of people, too, so if you want someone with skills taking photos of you or your event, get her contact info here at McShane Photography (no, I'm not getting paid to promote her - I just think she's incredibly talented).


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