Let's talk about something: employment. Lansing is the fifth most populated city in the state. Over 115,000 people live in Lansing, and you must factor in the surrounding area. There are tens of thousands more people that live within a 45 - 60 minute drive.

Those are big numbers. As it turns out, there are plenty of opportunities to find a job. Drive down any road and you'll most likely see a lot of "help wanted" or "now hiring" signs for businesses that are looking to add to their staff. If you want to work at a restaurant, movie theater, mall, car dealership, bar, bowling alley or golf course there are pretty good odds you can get a job. Maybe you want to pursue something like landscaping, construction, concrete and so on, there's a pretty good chance you could land a gig doing something like that too. Skilled trade apprenticeships are a great way to learn a trade and get paid while doing so.

Lansing has some heavy hitters when it comes to employment and employment opportunity. Healthcare, manufacturing, MSU, insurance companies and others employ a significant number of residents in mid-Michigan. I was curious about what company or entity would be the biggest employer in the area. When I read the results, I was pretty impressed. I went to purelansing.com and here are the results. I went with the results for the top private industry employers in Lansing. Most links I included will take you to their "jobs" or "careers" page.


Top Ten Private Industry Employers in Lansing

Lansing is the fifth largest city in Michigan. So what companies are employing mid-Michigan residents? Here are the top 10 private industry employers in Lansing.

Do you work for a company that is hiring? Drop a message so I can share it, maybe we can help some folks secure employment.

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