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If you've got used clothing that you're done with, maybe old kitchen or bath towels that have seen better days, or shoes that you will never wear again but don't want to make the effort to donate, you can now set these items at your curb in the City of Lansing for no charge - you just need to get some of the bags pictured above.
The City of Lansing posted on their Facebook page that they have "partnered with Simple Recycling, a company that collects usable clothing, shoes, textiles and household goods for reuse and recycling. Lansing residents can set these materials out at the curbside on their normal city recycling day. Simple Recycling provides special bags and tags to residents that must be used to set out these items. To request bags, contact Simple Recycling at 866-835-5068 or by email.Please remember this is a separate collection from the Lansing green recycling carts. Please do not put clothing and textiles inside recycling carts."