My friend Ana was in the thrift fashion show competition at the REO Town Thrift Store Gala and Burlesque Show this past Saturday night, so My Honey and I went to support her foray onto the runway.

Neither of us had ever been to a burlesque show before; it was entertaining, though a bit difficult to see from where we were standing.

And for the 'thrift' part, they had some vendors set up in the back of the venue (the former Capitol Discount on Washington); I bought some vintage earrings, while My Honey was giddy as a school girl to take home original vinyls of the Beatles "Hey Jude", the Rolling Stone's "Tattoo You" and Black Sabbath's "Greatest Hits". Yes, I accidentally dropped them as he was putting on his coat, but they're fine - we listened to the Beatles when we got home, then heard the Stones and Sabbath yesterday.

Joey's annoyed that I didn't take any pictures of the burlesque show, so I poached this one off Facebook, taken by Julia Ann Miller.

Go Go Amy Photo Julia Ann Miller


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