Well, Lansing, since you love your chain restaurants so much, and seem to come out in droves every time a celebrity sets food on our soil, you should be happy to hear this!! Celebrities are invading town, bringing their flavors with them!!

Mlive.com reports today that Country Music Phenom Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill" will open up a new location in the Lansing Mall later this year. Judging by the story's description, it will come complete with every flashy gimmick you'd expect, to help feed our feeble minds with a taste of Nashville. Let's hope it goes over better than Kenny Rogers' Roasters!!

Mlive.com is also reporting that Tyler Florence and the "Food Court Wars" crew will be in town to shoot an episode at the Lansing City Market and Lansing Mall this week. Yes, indeed, reality TV...or, as I call it, TV For Sheep, comes to town to add a little spice to your city.

What do you think? "Big f'in deal," or "Jeez...this is awesome!! Can Kevin Costner come back to Common Ground, too?" (I still can't believe some of you actually bought tickets to that forsaken show...)