Bars have always been associated with drinking adult beverages, but now Teresa Stone and Ayanna Ballard are trying something new. They opened Wing Heaven Sports Haven on MLK in Lansing (Old Ziggy's location), for people who like to socialize and have a place to go where there is no pressure to drink. They think people in recovery still want to be part of the social scene, and this is the perfect place for it. Their new venture has a mission to create a friendly and safe environment for those in recovery. 


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Helping those in recovery is a major passion of Stokes, who is also the co-founder of the sober living program Pinnacle Recovery Services. She also manages several recovery houses in the Greater Lansing area and works in residential treatment. “People new to recovery have to change their people, places and things. So, we wanted to help create that for them. You can’t even go to a movie theater these days, because they have alcohol there, “ Stokes said.


Stokes says this is personal, alcoholism and drug abuse in her own family was her inspiration. She wanted to help, and she sees this as a good way to do it. This new establishment is set up much like a sports bar with good food, including wings and fried pub food, and lots of TVs with sports to watch.

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Wing Heaven Sports Haven at 3812 S Martin Luther King Blvd doesn’t serve any alcohol, but they also want you to know everyone is welcome to come and enjoy their friendly safe atmosphere and good food, not just people in recovery.



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