The Lansing State Journal asked an attorney about whether or not the Waverly School Board Members' extinguish public comments at the meeting Monday night in Delta Township was a violation of the state's 'Open Meetings Act' and the attorney indicated that it appears to be the case.

The meeting was heated as teachers have been working without a contract for awhile now. Eaton County police were called to the meeting of over 100 people about half way through proceedings and showed up after the board went into a closed session.

The Waverly School Board President, Britt Slocum, told those gathered that public comments would be cut off after 35 minutes and around that time, microphones were cut and there was a line of people left standing at the podium, waiting to be heard.


'No comment' from the board members contacted by the Lansing State Journal, others couldn't be reached.

Here's a Facebook post regarding the meeting:

The "protest and rally" Eaton county officers were emergently called to at the waverly board of education meeting last night. Audience members stated some of those officers were waverly grads, who walked in and greeted their former teachers. They saw waverly students on stage thanking their teachers while the board had already entered in to a "closed session". Noone was violent. No civil laws broke. I wish i could say the same for bylaws of the board. Thank you Eaton County Police for the prompt response to the "emergency". I respectfully regret that someone took it upon themselves to call you away from actual emergencies to respond to this call.














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