Independent Bank is granting $80,000.00 to Greater Lansing charities to assist them in making our community a better place, which the Capital Area Humane Society has been doing for decades.

The pic above is of 'Gigi' the day we picked her up from CAHS four years ago - she'd been found wandering the streets of Lansing, one of her tiny legs broken. She was brought to the shelter, given a surgery to save her leg and our pal Penny brought her by the radio station for the media rounds.There was no intention to add another pet to the mix at that time, but sometimes you gotta change the plan.

Driving Gigi home from CAHS, My Honey looked concerned about what we'd done because the kitten screamed the ENTIRE way home, but she's been SUCH a sweet part of the family ever since. And she doesn't say much anymore, except at feeding time and when she's looking out the window, plotting bird destruction.

If you'd like to vote here to help direct some grant money to the people who work really hard to rescues animals and find good homes for them, you can do so here.


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