This guy John Oliver is BRILLIANT! I watch his videos every week on youtube without paying for it. I am a big part of what is wrong with the world... but you knew that.

We began watching this today and had to talk on the radio. The second we were done talking Deb said, "go back to that John Oliver piece." It's not a nice 7 seconds summation it's a rather long look at the truth being told. He makes the scariest thing I have ever seen, funny.

People would rather like a cat video than hear about Flint water. It almost got swept under the rug but thanks to old fashioned reporting, it never got missed.

If you didn't watch the video, it's VERY SCARY. Crafted journalism not telling the truth. The scariest to me was the quote "It is going to be one of the great times to be a corrupt politician in America."

Now, watch this cute cat video to help you forget the horror you just witnessed.