For some, Shark Week is just another week with some extra shark-themed programming on TV; for Lauren, it's the best week of the year!

Now I thought I was really into Shark Week but every year Lauren shows me that she just might be the queen of the sharks.

I have known Lauren since I was a teenager, she drove me in her convertible for my high school homecoming parade, and she still continues to be one of the funniest people I have on my Facebook feed.

She is a beauty guru by day but also loves anything a bit spooky, which is why she thrives during Shark Week.

Just the other day she and her friends took to the beach to really show off how dedicated they are to this week's theme!

If you are looking for shark-themed activities and treats for either yourself or to get the kiddos involved, check out some of the things Lauren has done:

Fun Ways To Celebrate Shark Week

Whether you are a casual Shark Week watcher or a full-on Shark Week fanatic, the real message Lauren shows us is to find joy and fun in the little things and do it to make fabulous memories.

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