HB No. 4992 would change the opening date of Michigan's firearm deer season from November 15th to the nearest Saturday to that calendar date.

Some traditionalists in Michigan are up in arms over the proposal, while other see opportunity to get more hunters in the woods.

Now on a personal note, I don't care for the idea of a switch. Flooding the woods all at one time has numerous downsides. Public lands are at a premium already and space for those who are not able to hunt on private land, are crowded and sometimes will not hunt.

Here's where the sarcasm kicks in: Why is such a surprise for so many that November 15 is the opening day of firearm deer season in Michigan? I have been a bow hunter for 11 years and not once on a November 14th have I not encountered someone moving tree stands or sighting in their shotgun/rifle! And I hunt on private land! Why is the day before season the best time to make those changes and sight in?

Anyway, I digress. What are your thoughts on the proposed change?


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