After reading about the couple that got arrested after having sex on a Ferris Wheel at Cedar Point over the weekend, it made me think about the odd sex laws that exist. That rabbit hole went ever further down and I did research about laws in Michigan that still exist that make no sense.

The reason we have laws is because we need to have some order in society. Another reason we have laws is because someone did something stupid and the result was a law to try to stop it from happening again. That's a good way to prevent behavior from happening again. Laws are important for safety, protecting lives and curbing crime.

I found some crazy laws that still exist according to I'm a law biding citizen however some of these laws make me want to see what would happen if I broke the law.

Crazy Laws Still Exist In Michigan

It's illegal to scowl at a woman in Detroit - Good to know, I will do a better job of not scowling at women in Detroit. How does that work for fans of Detroit sports? Do arrests spike during games?

It's illegal to throw an abandoned hoop skirt onto the street or sidewalk in South Haven. Violators will receive a $5-fine - I'm screwed.

It's illegal to tie your alligator to a fire hydrant in Detroit - What am I gonna do? I travel with my alligator and that makes it hard for me to bring him to Detroit.

It is illegal to cuss in front of women or children - I try to speak well. I do have a potty mouth on occasion but I am cognizant about my kids, women and other children before I let something slip out.

It's illegal to paint sparrows and sell them as parakeets in Harper Woods - Someone did something very naughty for this law to exist.

It's illegal for pigs to run free in Detroit unless they have a ring in their nose - Duh, that makes sense.

It's illegal to serenade your girlfriend in Kalamazoo - who does this anymore? If you do this I admire you. It might be worth the fine if you want to make a strong impression.

Farmers are allowed to sleep with their farm animals in Clawson - "Karen" had an issue with "Carl" sleeping with the pigs. Let "Carl" live it up with the animals, "Karen".

All bathing suits must be inspected by the police chief in Rochester - Uh, really? I find it hard to believe this still happens although the law exists. That just opens the door for creepiness and there's no place for a law like this in today's world.

Robbers can file a lawsuit if he or she is injured on your property - This law is asnine. If you tresspass to commit a crime, you should take the lumps. There should be no recourse on a homeowner for protecting their property and if the criminal trips and hurts their knee, good! You shouldn't have tried to commit a crime on my property.

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