Things got heated in Detroit between Pistons' star Isaiah Stewart and Lebron James after James bloodied Stewarts' face.

It was an eventful weekend in Detroit with two of the best teams in the NBA coming to take on the Pistons. Steph Curry and The Warriors came to Detroit on Friday, but Steph was not in the lineup. That did not stop the NBA's current leading scorer from stealing the show though.

Curry took some time out from watching the game to challenge a young Pistons fan to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. If Steph lost he would have had to give his shoes to the kid.

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Things were a little different when Lebron and the Lakers came to Detroit on Sunday night.

Things went sideways in the third quarter when the Pistons lined up to shoot free throws. During the struggle for rebounding position under the basket, Lebron threw his fist back and struck Isaiah Stewart right in the eye. At the moment it looked like it was unintended contact, but after watching the replays, many people are starting to think James did it on purpose.

In the video, it looks like this might have just calmed down right after it happened. James and Stewart talked to each other, then things exploded.

I'm guessing that James had something not so nice to say, and Stewart went berserk. It took pretty much the entire Pistons team and staff to keep him from getting to Lebron.

After the game Lakers star, Anthony Davis tried to apologize for the skirmish saying that everybody knows Lebron is not a dirty player. I will say that Lebron did stay out of any ensuing trouble, and judging by the crazy look in Stewart's eyes, it was probably a good decision.

There has been ton of reaction from fans and players alike after the fight, but none stood out to me more than the weird message Gilbert Arenas sent to Stewart.

This will make the next time the Pistons and Lakers meet way more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

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