Back in 2011, I ran in my first 5k in the Webberville at the Lest They Be Forgotten Memorial Day 5k. I finished under 30 minutes and ran with a former soldier Mike Howard. Mike was pushing his daughter in a stroller and pushing me through the entire race. It was an awesome experience. Not just with Mike but with all the crowd cheering you on. The energy was a powerful force to be around. I actually took 3rd place in my age group and got a medal.

Then, I hurt my knee the following year and haven't been able to run since. I decided to help out by volunteering to set up or tear down. Well, I was using my dad's truck and it didn't have a tailgate. I had 5 tables loaded up without a tow strap and when I turned into the school to drop them back off, they slid out and hit the ground. Good thing the medal presentation was going on and EVERYONE saw it!

I haven't volunteered since out of embarrassment but it's a great run for a great cause. Click here for more info.

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