This season is gonna be a weird one for the Detroit Lions, as they continue to rack up strange records.

The Lions Get Their First 'Scorigami' Since 2020 Season

In a wild affair at Ford Field Sunday, which featured little to no defense, the Detroit Lions fell to 1-3 on the young season, losing to the Seattle Seahawks, 48-45.

The Lions defense was so bad, the Seahawks never punted and we're only stopped on offense twice. Once on a missed filed goal, the other time when the clock stopped the game. Yikes!

The Lions are now the first team in NFL history to lead the league in scoring points after four games while having a losing record. They're also the first team to score as many points as they're giving up, having scored 140 points, while having given up 141.

And Sunday's game was the team's first 'Scorigami' in two years.

So What Is A 'Scorigami'?

A 'Scorigami' is a new Twitter trend where the final score of a game is the first one of its kind in NFL history. In other words, no two teams had a final score of 48-45 before. Ever. In over 100 years of competitive play.

The Seattle team Twitter page, excited over their win, even bragged about it.

As it says, the 48-45 final was the 1073rd unique final score in NFL history.

But who's keeping track of such minutiae? Why, the Scorigami Twitter feed, of course!

This was the first time the Lions were involved in a scorigami since 2020 when they lost to the Titans 46-25. As for the Seahawks, this is their first scorigami since a 43-16 win over the 49ers in 2018.

So can you wager if two teams will notch a 'scorigami', and if so, what are the odds?

No, there has been no 'scorigami' proposition bet allowed on a NFL game. Yet. But if you could pick it out, the odds would be pretty good, I would imagine.

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