What started out as a typical summer weekend on the lake, turned into a bit of a archaeological find of sorts for one local family.

Michael Bleau and his family were moving a swim platform on Sullivan Lake last weekend when the came upon something strange...and large. The platforms anchor became stuck on something in the waters below. What the family thought was simply tree roots or large branches turned out to be something much more historical.

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The anchor had hooked itself to a large elk skull, complete with antlers. At first the skill was covered in black debris and Bleau along with his sonJosh and Josh's fiancé weren't exactly sure what they had found. Soon after they realized this was quite the "catch".  Bleau said,“Until we got it up we didn’t know what it was. My future daughter-in- law Bailey Patterson was in the water it got freaked out when she realized it was a skull." They loaded the find on their boat and took it back to shore for some cleaning and  examination.

Bleau said they contacted a local taxidermist and their neighbors brother-in-law who happens to be an archeologist.  He has also sent pictures and spoken to several universities, and all agree that the skull is at least a couple hundred years old. They also agree that it is that of an elk, but the type of elk is yet to be determined. Son Josh Bleau is still amazed by the discovery saying,“It doesn’t seem like we would find something  that old."

What makes the story even more unique and interesting is the fact the elk haven't been hanging around this neck of the woods for some time now. According to the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Field Operations Manager Brian Mastenbrook, elk haven’t been seen in the Fenton-area of southern Michigan since around 1875. It was back then that the state’s native herd of elk went extinct. It has been hundreds of years since the Eastern elk have been seen in the area roaming about.

As of right now the Bleau family, that moved from Grand Blanc to the lake back in March,  isn't quite sure what to do with their new find.  They have contacted Boone and Crockett Club about the discovery. They have advised that the skull will need to "sit" for 60 days and then a representative will come out and measure the official size. Bleau says in the meantime if someone comes along that wants to buy it, they can have it. Especially if they are a avid hunter or collector. “If Ted Nugent is interested have him give me a call. We will give him a super deal for a selfie."  Ted...are you listening?

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